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1.5 1980-1996 Ford Bronco Leveling Kit by Rough Country 9265

1.5 1980-1996 Ford Bronco Leveling Kit by Rough Country 9265

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9265 Ford Bronco Leveling Coil Springs Tags: Breathe new life into your 94-02 Dodge 2500 with Rough Countryes 1.5-inch Leveling kit. This easy to install leveling kit helps reclaim lost height from sagging factory springs while improving the overall look of the vehicle. Stock Dodge 2500es sit higher in the rear than the front and this unsightly nose-down look is usually corrected with our 2.5-inch leveling kit that raises the front to be equal height with the rear. Many Dodge 2500es in the 94-02 year range however have seen their fair share of farm work and towing in the 20+ years of its life and as a result the rear-end springs usually sag a bit. When the stock rear springs sag in this way 2.5-inch of front lift can become too much and cause the front-end to sit higher than the rear. Rough Countryes 1.5-inch lift is the sweet spot for bringing a level look to any well-used Dodge 2500. Featuring a set of front coil spacers and factory shock-relocation brackets this kit offers enough clearance to run up to 33-by-12.50 tires. Regain even more ride quality and upgrade to Rough Countryes front Nitrogen-charged N2.0 shock absorbers for an impressive blend of off-road vibration dampening and smooth highway ride!

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